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64. The Freeze
방영일: 1968.12.23
gs: Donnelly Rhodes(Raymond Barret), John Zaremba(Dr. Jacob Bowman)

Albert Jenkins, who robbed an armored car five years ago, double-crossed his associates and hid the $10 million. He then managed to get himself arrested as "Raymond Barret" on a burglary charge he did not commit. In this way he can outwait the statute of limitations on the armored car robbery from the safety of his cell. The IMF must bring him to justice. To do so, IMF ally Dr. Bowman tells Barret he has a fatal disease and gets him released early. Rollin as a doctor confirms the diagnosis and reveals that Jim, pretending to be a cryogenic doctor, can put him in stasis. Barret/Jenkins "wakes up" 12 years later in a futurstic IMF set and a graying Rollin tells him currency is no longer of value and the police want to question him. Barret escapes only to discover that it's a scam...but in the scam-within-a-scam, he thinks it's one day after the statue of limitations expires. He goes to the cemetary where he hid the money, along with his partners thanks to an IMF ploy, and all of them are arrested and the money recovered.

65. The Exchange
방영일: 1969.1.4
gs: John Vernon(Colonel Josef Strom), Curt Lowens(Major Mecklin)

During a mission in a half Western/half Communist country, Cinnamon is caught and arrested after delivering information to the team. She is tortured and proves immune to everything except effects involving her claustrophobia. As intelligence officer Strom gets close to breaking her, Jim decides that the team must try and trade her for a valuable Eastern spy, Rudolf Kurtz. The IMF have to covertly get Kurtz out of prison, get him past the Western police, and get the information from him. The IMF fakes "rescuing" Kurtz and taking him to an office in the Eastern zone, where he gives up his information to superior officer Jim. Strom is forced to trade Cinnamon, but shoots both her and Jim during the exchange. Believing them dead and with Kurtz keeping silent about the information he spilled to protect his own life, Strom Jim and Cinnamon, wearing bulletproof trenchcoats, make their escape.

NOTE: Barney is not in this episode.
In real life Barbara Bain was claustrophobic, giving an extra edge to the scenes where Cinnamon is tortured through the use of several claustrophobic ploys.

66. The Mind of Stefan Miklos
방영일: 1969.1.12
gs: Edward Asner(George Simpson), Steve Ihnat(Stefan Miklos)Jason Evers (Walter Townsend)

Walter Townsend is discovered to be a double-agent: the U.S. government has leaked false information to him to give to the enemy which will cause them embarassment if believed. However, Townsend's contact Simpson has discovered the information is false and reported to his superiors Townsend is a defector. Simpson's superiors know of his jealousy toward Townsend and send their best intelligence officer, Stefan Miklos, to discover the truth of the matter. The IMF must make Miklos believe the information is true and Simpson the liar. Rollin-as-Miklos gets Simpson out and then takes Simpson's place. The IMF sets a series of clues to make Miklos belief that Townsend truly is a traitor and preparing to defect, including tickets and a passport. However, Miklos spots a planted "clue" that convinces him the IMF are doing exactly what they are doing: framing Townsend! He identifies them and then receives the information from Rollin-as-Simpson and Jim when he's spotted Jim as one of the IMF operatives in a previous scene. Miklos therefore believes that the IMF tried to discredit Townsend and thus his information must be true.

NOTE: Many participants and viewers considered this episode to be the most intricate and intellectual of the entire series. Peter Graves described it as "intellectually, the best one we ever did."

67. The Test Case
방영일: 1969.1.19
gs: David Hurst(Dr. Oswald Beck), Noah Keen(Captain Rudolf Olni)

A scientist of an enemy power, Dr. Oswald Beck, has developed a bacteria which causes cerebral spinal meningitis and mutated it into a form that kills and then becomes inert after a few hours. The IMF must destroy the preliminary culture and stop Beck. Rollin replaces the prisoner chosen for a test of Beck's bacteria, and Barney switches the bacteria cylinder for one with knockout gas and then uses a balloon to capture the gas. Rollin "dies" but then Jim, who has infiltrated the base as a military medic, "discovers" that Rollin isn't dead. Meanwhile, Barney releases the knockout gas into the control room, knocking out Beck's superiors. Beck thinks they are dying from his bacteria and believes they'll think he's a traitor who tried to kill them rather than the test subject. He flees but is shot while Jim destroys the bacteria.

68. The System
방영일: 1969.1.26
gs: James Patterson(Johnny Costa), Robert Yuro(Arnie)

A gangster, Constantine Victor (aka "Mr. V") has had the last witness against him on a murder indictment killed. Johnny Costa, Victor's associates and a casino owner, is the only one with enough evidence to get Victor convicted. The IMF must con Costa into talking. Phelps as a syndicate killer warns Costa that someone has put a contract on him. Cinnamon charms Costa and has him endorse minor credit slips which the IMF then forges for bigger ones. Rollin is a bookkeeper who supposedly works for Costa, finds an unlisted $25,000 planted by Barney, and the fake credit slips. Thanks to a prerecorded call from "Victor" mimiced by Rollin, Costa is relieved of duties. Costa confronts Cinnamon and gets her to admit she is working for Victor. Fleeing from Willy as another hit man, Costa locks himself in the casino vault to protect himself until he can testify against Victor.

NOTE: Remade in the '88 series revival as The System.
This episode is worth watching for the camera work alone. It features a device called a ‘snorkel camera' which has been developed by cameraman-director Paul Kenworthy. During the card game, the camera floats from player to player so we see the cards up close, and then on to the dealer so we can see the note that Cinnamon has passed to him. Then when Barney breaks into the safe, the camera seems to travel the length of the room, enter the safe, and then turn around to face Barney at the other end of the room.

69. The Glass Cage
방영일: 1969.2.2
gs: Lloyd Bochner(Major Nicholas Zelinko), Larry Linville(Captain Gulka)

Anton Reisner, a reistance leader in a tyrannical country, has been imprisoned in the automated Trast Prison and is being tortured by Major Zelinko in order to get the names of the other resistance leaders. The IMF must get him out of the prison. Reisner is in a video-monitored escape-proof glass cubicle. Barney and Willy get themselves imprisoned when Cinnamon as head of the country's prison system arrives for an inspection. She distracts Zelinko long enough for Barney and Willy to escape, wreck the video system, and get to Reisner. But..they tell him to stay in the cell but act different, then get recaptured. Zelinko notes the discrepancy between the door counter and the written log and puts two and two together (incorrectly) with Reisner's odd behavior and assumes Reisner is an imposter. Zelinko and Gulka plot to keep the switch secret but Cinnamon arranges for Zelinko's underling Vasney to overhear it. She has Zelinko arrested and takes Barney, Willy, and the Reisner-as-the-imposter away for interrogation at her "headquarters."

70. Doomsday
방영일: 1969.2.16
gs: Alf Kjellin(Carl Vandaam), Arthur Batanides(Kura), Sid Haig(Marko), Philip Ahn(Dr. Liu), Khigh Dhiegh(General Wo)

Carl Vandaam, a bankrupt European tycoon, is masterminding the theft of plutonium to make a hydrogen bomb and sell to the highest bidder. To keep such a bomb from falling into the wrong hands the IMF must stop Vandaam. Jim and Cinnamon get close to Kura, one of the bidders, by offering to bankroll him in return for oil rights. Vandaam demonstrates the bomb's plutonium core but afterwards Barney manages to steal the plutonium and replace it with an empty cylinder. Vandaam's aide discovers the theft and seals the building while Vanddam bluffs it out hoping they catch the thief before the bidding is over. Kura wins the bidding unaware that Cinnamon has planted a device in his money. Cinnamon insists they see the plutonium again, Vandaam is forced to reveal the theft, and Kura wants a refund. Cinnamon destroys the money by remote control. Kura has Vandaam shot while the IMF escape and summon the authorities.

NOTE: The elevator shaft sequences were filmed at the CalTech science building in Pasadena. When time ran out the M:I crew rebuilt the elevator shaft as a set. It cost so much they used the elevator set in the next episode and rented it out to other productions for years to recoup their costs.
Greg Morris took a fall and tore his knee ligaments during filming of the scenes where he lowered himself onto the bomb in the elevator.

71. Live Bait
방영일: 1969.2.23
gs: Anthony Zerbe(Colonel Helmut Kellerman), Martin Sheen(Lieutenant Albert Brocke), John Crawford(Orin Selby)

Selby, a double-agent for the U.S. within an enemy country's intelligence service, is suspected by his superior, Kellerman. The IMF must keep Selby in the clear and eliminate Kellerman. Selby complains when Marceau, a courier who knows about Selby's identity, is taken from him by Kellerman. Selby claims Kellerman is the double-agent. Rollin, as a government official, gives Kellerman 24 hours to break Marceau. Using his underling Brocke, Kellerman works with Rollin to trap Selby. Kellerman comes to believe that Agent Jim has kidnapped Brocke's girlfriend to force Brocke to give away Marceau's location to Selby. In reality, Stephanie is shown a fake split-screen of Jim conspiring with "Kellerman" (Rollin in disguise on tape!) to kill Brocke and eliminate Marceau. Brocke believes Stephanie and accuses Kellerman but she recants under pressure. Meanwhile, Marceau is wired to an explosive. When Stephanie recants the IMF break in using knockout gas and use liquid nitrogen to free Marceau. Then they plant the unconscious Kellerman near the cell. Rollin wakes up Brocke, who is convinced Kellerman is the traitor and will never see justice and kills his superior.

NOTE: Willy is not in this episode.
Along with "The Mind of Stefan Miklos", arguably the most intricate and complicated episode of the show ever produced.

72. The Bunker (1)
방영일: 1969.3.2
gs: David Sheiner(Colonel Ziegler), Lee Meriwether(Anna Rojak), Milton Selzer(Dr. Erich Rojak)

Dr. Erich Rojak and his wife Anna are being held in an underground laboratory/bunker by a totalitarian enemy government. Another unfriendly government has sent an assassin, Ventlos, to kill Rojak. The IMF must rescue Rojak and his wife, destroy the test missile Rojak is working on, and stop Ventlos. The IMF infiltrate the base and Jim introduces a handstamp system, unaware that Ventlos has already replaced the bunker's security chief. Jim uses his system to expose security officer Cinnamon as a phony and she is imprisoned near Anna. Willy breaks in via the furnace and rescues Anna while Cinnamon takes her place...

73. The Bunker (2)
방영일: 1969.3.9

With Cinnamon-as-Anna in place, she is taken to her "husband" and tells Dr. Rojak to be near an air vent. Jim as a security officer has placed a small remote-control flying disk in the bunker's air vent system and it holds a hypo. Barney steers it to Rojak's monitored cell and he uses the hypo to induce a heart attack. Jim summons Rollin (as a heart specialist) who advises surgery and instructs that "Anna" be at her husband's side. Ventlos the assassin plans to disrupt the operation by taking Rollin's place in disguise and the IMF quickly has to readjust when Ventlos tries to kill Rojak and destroy the installation.

74. Nitro
방영일: 1969.3.23
gs: Titos Vandis(General Zek), Mark Lenard(Aristo Skora)

General Zek of Karak is opposed to a peace treaty between his country and Agir, and is working with a munitions maker named Ismir Najiid to start a war by destroying King Said during his announcement of the treaty. The IMF must stop Zek and Najiid for good. The two conspirators hire Aristo Skora, a terrorist, to plant the explosives and incriminate Agir. Barney as a systems analyst sets up Najiid's factory's alarm system so Rollin can sneak in and steal the nitro from Najiid with Willy's help while letting himself be seen. Meanwhile, Jim has identified Cinnamon to Zek as an ally of "Hakim", the Agirian terrorist Rollin is pretending to be. Rollin and Willy grab the real Skora and then Rollin-as-Skora tells Zek their plan won't work. The IMF let Zek follow Cinnamon to an unconscious "Hakim" (actually a drugged and masked Skora) who has the nitro and a radio-controlled truck so Zek takes over his plan which he believes is the Agirians. Meanwhile Najiid has been drugged during Said's speech so he can only watch events, while Rollin sends a fake radio transmission to Zek describing the explosion while Jim shorts out the live TV transmission. Believing the bomb has gone off, Zek announces he is taking over while Barney starts the truck toward the palace and a panicked Najiid, unable to intervene, confesses everything.

75. Nicole
방영일: 1969.3.30
gs: Joan Collins(Nicole Vedette), Logan Ramsey(Anton Valdas)

Jim is sent in to recover a list of Allied agents from the enemy's highest ranking intelligence minister, Anton Valdas. Nicole Vedette's, Valdas' secretary, is apparently on the IMF's side but Jim decides not to use her. Instead Jim and Rollin plansto break into Valdas' safe during a party. Jim and Nicole meet and have a romantic attraction. The effort goes awry and Jim is shot and captured while helping Rollin to escape. Nicole is imprisoned on suspicion but tells Jim that no one is looking for Rollin. Nicole also tells him that Rollin's contact is a double agent. Jim believes Valdas substituted a fake list that he wants them to take back. The two escape and Jim collapses from his wound in a barn. Nicole reveals she is the double agent and reports the success of their charade to Jim. But because of her attraction to him she blackmails Valdas into letting them escape for real. Jim realizes the deception and Nicole confesses, unaware that Valdas put a bug on her. They are caught by Valdas and his guards, but Rollin is one of them. Valdas kills Nicole before Rollin shoots him, and she does in Jim's arms.

NOTE: Only Jim and Rollin are in this episode.

76. The Vault
방영일: 1969.4.6
gs: Nehemiah Persoff(Phillipe Pereda), Rodolfo Acosta(Presidente Miguel De Varo)

Phillipe Pereda, finance minister of Costa Mateo has stolen $40 million from the vault of the country's president, De Varo. De Caro plans to announce the money will be used for an industrialization process. Pereda plans to frame the president for embezzlement when it is found the money is missing from the supposedly impenetrable vault, then take over the country. The IMF must stop him. Willy sneaks Barney into the vault and he gets it open and makes it look like it was robbed before setting off the alarm. Rollin (as an auditor) lets a guard see Barney before knocking him out, then knocking himself out. Pereda realizes that with this new robbery, he won't be able to frame De Caro. Cinnamon and Jim (as representatives trying to cut a deal with Pereda to buy land once he is in power) suggest he temporarily replace the stolen money with Treasury cash before De Caro confirms the theft. Pereda sneaks into the vault using an audio tape of De Varo's perfectly pitched code, he puts in the money while Barney makes a tape. Rollin tells De Varo about the robbery and then, disguised as De Varo, inspects the vault. He tells Pereda the money is then safe and leaves. Pereda reopens the vault and starts removing the cash, and Barney seals him in the vault. The real De Varo arrives and finds Pereda locked in the impenetrable safe, and has him arrested.

77. Illusion
방영일: 1969.4.13
gs: Fritz Weaver(Emil Skarbeck), Martin E. Brooks(Paul Trock), Kevin Hagen(Kurt Lom)

Skarbeck and Lom are rivals for the vacant post of Chief of Secret Police in the East European Peoples Republic. As they are both hardliners, the IMF must eliminate both of them and make sure Paul Trock becomes the new chief. Skarbeck killed his lover Carlotta years ago but never found the man she was sleeping with. Skarbeck framed her costar and killed him in a car crash before having a breakdown. The IMF plan to trigger another breakdown. Cinnamon recreates Carlotta's act and admits to Skarbeck that Lom is paying her to him. Meanwhile, Jim sets up Lom with a letter proving Skarbeck killed Carlotta. Lom plans to nail Skarbeck for Cinnamon's murder. The IMF slip Skarbeck a drug to hypnotize him into thinking of Cinnamon as he did Carlotta. The IMF then trick Skarbeck into thinking Rollin, Cinnamons cabaret comic/partner, is having an affair with her, and that he is actually the murdered Fritz Mueller. Rollin tells Skarbeck that Cinnamon is having an affair with Lom. Skarbeck tries to kill her and she feigns death before hitting him with a knockout ring. He wakes up to find Rollin-as-Lom and Jim accusing him of the murder. Willy dims the lights allowing them to escape and then Lom (lured to the cafe) shows up and Skarbeck shoots him before a room full of witnesses.

NOTE: Musical scoring: "Buy My Glass of Wine", "The Lady 'Bove the Bar" - lyrics by Bruce Geller, Music by Lalo Schifrin; "Ten Tiny Toes" - lyrics by Bruce Geller, music by Herschel Burke Gilbert and Rudy Schrager. Arrangements by Marl Young.
Barbara Bain does her own singing, although various crew cited the results as "disappointing" and her recordings were doctored for the episode.

78. The Interrogator
방영일: 1969.4.20
gs: Henry Silva(Norvan Kruger), Gunnar Hellstrom(Friedrich Spindler)

Agent Norvan Kruger knows about his country's plans to launch some kind of attack which will devastate the world. he's been captured by a second country unfriendly to the U.S. Kruger's interrogator, Spindler, hasn't broken the agent but even if he does the U.S. needs the plans. The IMF capture Spindler and Kruger during transport and lock Spindler up. To convince them he's who he is he tells them of Kruger's knowledge of the plan to launch nuclear missiles from submarines against the U.S. The IMF use drugs to scramble Kruger's memories and convince him he is an interrogator assigned to break a prisoner (Rollin). He's told he must get the information from Rollin or his superior Kutzof will have him shot. Rollin claims to have the same submarine-location knowledge Kruger does. Kruger grows steadily more confused, particularly when he can't hear what Rollin is saying. Jim as a psychiatirst tells Kruger he's blocking out the words. When "Kutzof" shows up, under pressure Kruger blurts out his knowledge of the submarine locations.

NOTE: The last episode in air and production order to feature Martin Landau and Barbara Bain.

Season 4
79. The Code
방영일: 1969.9.28
gs: Alexandra Hay(Lynn), Michael Constantine(Nikor Janos), Harold Gould(Vincente Bravo)

Vincente Bravo, dictator of Nueva Tierra, is planning an invasion against a neighboring democracy, San Cristobal. The United Peoples' Republic is sending Nikor Janos with a coded invasion plan to help Bravo and set him up as puppet dictator. The IMF must break the alliance between Nueva Tierra and the UPR, break the code, and foil the invasion. Paris takes the role of a guerilla leader of the Revolution in San Cristobal, hijacks a plane, and meets with Bravo and Janos. he tells them to cut him in and make him President or he'll ally with the invaded country's government against them. Meanwhile guest-agent Lynn is aboard the hijacked plane and is carrying a microdot with an IMF-manufactured defense plan of San Cristobal. Bravo gets hold of it, codes it, and sends it to the UPR. Since Barney has tapped into Bravo's communication center, the IMF can now break the code since they know what the original message was. When the invasion plan arrives the IMF decode it and give it to San Cristobal. Since Bravo and Janos are the only two who knew of the plan, they suspect each other of treachery. As the IMF depart a shot rings out.

80. The Numbers Game (aka: The Key)
방영일: 1969.10.5
gs: Lee Meriwether(Tracey), Torin Thatcher(General Rados Adolph Gollan), May Britt(Eva Gollan), Don Francks(Major Alex Denesch)

Exiled dictator General Gollan is preparing an invasion to return to power. He's going to finance his plan with the $600,000,000 he stole. The IMF must stop him. An IMF guest-doctor knocks out Gollan with pneumonia while the rest of the team infiltrate the bunker beneath his estate. After replacing Gollan with an inflatable dummy, they wake him up in the bunker where he sees fake TV broadcasts saying that World War III has started and his current country of residence is overrun. "Soldiers" have taken over his bunker. He needs penicillin to live, but Captain Phelps denies him the medicine. Gollan bribes Officer Paris with his Zurich account number and Paris "shoots" Jim. Then Jim gets up and they all leave.

NOTE: First appearance of Lee Meriwether as Tracey, who would make several guest appearances as an IMF agent in this Barbara Bain-less season filled with "guest" female agents.
Second appearance of the Hartford Repertory Company, brought in for those times when the IMF needed a larger "team" of extras working for them.

81. The Controllers (1)
방영일: 1969.10.12
gs: Dina Merrill(Meredyth), David Sheiner(Dr. Karl Turek), Alfred Ryder(Colonel Borodin)

Colonel Borodin of a foreign power is arranging the defection of two disloyal American scientists undergoing plastic surgery, Jarvis and his wife Vera, to aid his Dr. Turek in the development of B-230, a mind-control drug that has rendered all human test subjects to date catatonic. Jim and agent Meredyth take the place of the Jarvises after surgery. Jim claims to have developed a superior mind-control drug (with the aid of substitute prisoner Willy) so that Turek's funding is cut off. Meredyth tells Turek that Jim is forcing to her remain silent after she developed a cure to B-230's side effects.

NOTE: Note the use of the Desilu studio set, particularly the water tower. The latter is carefully filmed so you don't see the side with the Desilu logo on it.
First episode in air-order to use Leonard Nimoy as Paris. As was almost always the case, no formal introduction of the character is given. He simply appears and works from the team as if he'd always been with them.
No reference is also made to the departing Rollin Hand and Cinnamon Carter. The couple left the show for various contractual reasons. At the time of this episode the situation had not been entirely resolved. Meredyth is a stand in as the female agent for what would presumably have been Cinnamon's role in this episode.

82. The Controllers (2)
방영일: 1969.10.19

Meredyth drugs Jim with the fake mind-control drug and Turek tells him to shoot Borodin (which Jim fakes) and drive both of them off a cliff. However, an escape attempt by the prisoners seals the camp. Jim can't stop since he has to convince Turek he's mind-controlled so he crashes the gate and a guard shoots and kills the unconscious Borodin in the trunk. The IMF needed Borodin alive to testify that Turek ordered his death, leaving them to come up with a new plan to discredit Turek.

83. Fool's Gold
방영일: 1969.10.26
gs: Sally Ann Howes(Beth), Nehemiah Persoff(Igor Stravos), David Opatoshu(Premier Roshkoff)

The kingdom of Bahkan has been asked by the Igor Stravos, finance minister to the Federated People's Republic, to redeem his currency in gold. Stravos knows the money is counterfeit - if Bakhan can't prove Stravos' notes are counterfeit, they'll exhaust their gold reserve doing so, leading to the overthrow of Bahkan's pro-U.S. government. The IMF must destroy the counterfeit money, get Stravos' plates, and elimiante Stravos. Phelps the envoy sends in Paris the ex-counterfeiter to verify the funds, and he tells Stravos Bahkan has twice that much gold and won't be bankrupted. Stravos films a fake tryst between Paris and guest-agent Beth (pretending to be Jim's wife), and uses it to blackmail Jim into delivering the extra hundred million. Meanwhile Paris breaks into Stravos' impenetrable sonic-protected vault and replaces the real counterfeit plates with imperfect ones. Stravos takes his (now fake) plates and manufacturers the extra hundred million. Barney destroys the original hundred mil with acid pumped into the sprinkler system. When Stravos uses his imperfect counterfeits to redeem the hundred million he's getting from Jim, the World Monetary Commision witnesses the exchange and easily spots the IMF counterfeit/substitutes. Stravos is arrested.

84. Commandante
방영일: 1969.11.2
gs: Lawrence Dane(Commandante Juan Acero), Arthur Batanides(Father Paolo Dominguin), Sid Haig(Major Carlos Martillo)

Father Dominguin leads a democratic revolution in his country, but a local insurgent Carlos and an international revolutionary working for the far east, Juan Acero, have taken him prisoner and usurped the movement. The IMF must rescue Dominguin and restore him to the revolution. Carlos and Juan are bitter rivals so Juan meets with Jim the charity organizer who pretends to be an American intelligence operative. Jim agrees to trade Dominguin for arms, which Acero takes and takes Jim and driver Willy prisoner. Willy has smuggled a helicopter in with Barney. Paris, pretending to be the Far East supporter of the dictatorship, demands Dominguin's execution. Juan finds the helicopter as plans, sabotages it, and then turns Dominguin, Willy, and Jim free hoping they'll take it and die, so that Dominguin doesn't become a martyr. Juan and the locals witness the crash but there are no bodies. Paris strips Juan of power and Carlos has him shot when he tries to kill Paris. Paris detonates the IMF-provided weapons, rendering Carlos powerless and Dominguin a free man.

85. Mastermind
방영일: 1969.11.23
gs: Donnelly Rhodes(Lou Merrick), Gerald Hiken(Thomas Galvin)

Lou Merrick has gathered blackmail evidence on ranking U.S. government officials and plans to turn it over to the Syndicate. The evidence is being held by Jonas Stone, Merrick's chief. The IMF must destroy Merrick and the blackmail file. The IMF drug Stone and take him to a hospital while Willy and IMF guest agent Galvin convince Merrick they have a secret drug deal with Stone. At the hospital Paris is a clairvoyant who claims to be passing on messages from the unconscious Stone to Merrick. Paris reveals Willy and Galvin's quick-turnaround deal to Merrick who wants in and gives them Stone's money. The IMF wake up Stone and finds out that Merrick is supposed to have put him in the hospital. Barney has looted Stone's safe so when Stone arrives to find Merrick, there is no money and no blackmail evidence. Merrick is shot and killed.

NOTE: "Nicholson" is intended as a homage by writer Jerry Ludwig to "The Bridge on the River Kwai", referencing the character Alex Guinness played.

86. Robot
방영일: 1969.11.30
gs: Lee Meriwether(Tracey), Malachi Throne(Deputy Premier Gregor Kamirov), Larry Linville(Alexi Silensky)

Deputy Premier Kamirov is keeping his Premier "alive" by substituting a double, "Gemini". Kamirov plans to force Gemini as Premier to announce his retirement and name Kamirov his successor. Kamirov will then kill Gemini and ally with the Iron Curtain against the U.S. The IMF hope to get Minister Massick appointed. Tracey, claiming to work for Massick, helps Jim and Willy get into the country with a lifelike robot (Paris). Kamirov and his security chief Silensky "discover" them and think Massick plans to substitute his own duplicate. Kamirov forces Jim to reprogram the robot to announce him as Premiere. Meanwhile Barney rescues the imprisoned Gemini. Gemini takes the place of the robot and announces free elections. Kamirov tries to reveal the robot for what it is but is shocked to discover it is a real person.

NOTE: Thanks to the work of Bob Dawn, the cosmetics man, Leonard Nimoy does the first "face pulloff" that is actually accomplished with make-up and a mask rather than a camera cutaway.
Leonard Nimoy plays no less than five roles in this episode: Paris, the late Premier, Gemini, the robot, and Silensky.

87. The Double Circle
방영일: 1969.12.7
gs: James Patterson(Victor Laszlo), Jason Evers(Ray Dunson), Anne Francis(Gillian Colbee)

Art collector Victor Laszlo and his partner Dunson have stolen a new fuel formula from the U.S. and killed the one scientist capable of duplicating the formula. The IMF must recover the formula from Laszlo. The IMF recreates Laszlo office on the floor directly below his penthouse suite as he prepares to sell the formula to the United Peoples' Republic. While guest IMF agent Gillian distracts Laszlo, Barney gets into the room with the safe and Willy and guest IMF agent Ericson drop a fake wall into the room, concealing Barney and the real safe. Phelps as a UPR agent tells Laszlo's partner Dunson he is going to be betrayed by Laszlo and shows him a fake film of "Laszlo" hiding the formula in a secret safe. Dunson investigates and finds the fake IMF safe in the fake office and overhears "Laszlo" (Paris) preparing to sell Dunson out. Laszlo opens the fake-safe in his own apartment and Dunson shoots him. But now Dunson can't find the secret room the IMF showed him in the duplicate apartment and is shot, while Barney breaks into the real safe from his position behind the fake wall in the real Laszlo's apartment and grabs the formula.

NOTE: "Victor Laszlo" is intended as a homage by writer Jerry Ludwig to "Casablanca", and "Dunson" to John Wayne's character in "Red River".

88. The Brothers
방영일: 1969.12.14
gs: Michele Carey(Lisa), Lloyd Battista(King Selim/Prince Samandal), Joseph Ruskin(Colonel Hatafis), Lee Bergere(Dr. Labashi)

King Selim of Qamadan, an American ally, has been secretly imprisoned by his brother Prince Samandal, who controls the oil reserves and is brutalizing his people. The IMF must restore Selim to power. The IMF goes in as a medical team and fake a uremia attack for Samandal. He needs a kidney transplant from a close relative and reluctantly has his brother the king brought in. While Jim and guest-agent Lisa conduct a fake operation, Barney and Willy drill in to the gymnasium from beneath, lower the two brothers down, and disguises them as each other. Lisa convinces Samandal's police chief Hatafis that he is going to align with Paris, posing as an oil magnate, and remove Hatafis. Hatafis kills "King Selim" but he is actually killing Samandal, and the real King Selim intervenes.

89. Time Bomb
방영일: 1969.12.21
gs: Morgan Sterne(Anton Malek), Barbara Luna(Wai Lee), Bert Freed(General Brenner)

Spy Anton Malek has been planted in the Federated People's Republic's atomic research program 12 years ago. Now, suffering from an incurable disease, he goes rogue and plans to transform the reactor into a nuclear bomb and wipe out the FPR's capital. The IMF must stop him without exposing him and forcing him to set off the bomb prematurely. Jim replaces an artist sent to put a stained glass window in the nuclear complex, shatters the window, and gets the model for the window (guest IMF agent Wai Lee) sent in. She convinces Malek she can cure him through psychic abilities and then knocks him out. Barney sabotages a wall then disguised as an engineer evacuates the building. While the IMF put Malek in a fake building and have Wai Lee tempt him with a cure to give her the instructions to disarm the bomb, Barney does it for real at the nuclear plant as Jim relays the procedure, but Malek catches on, leaving the team to come up with a new last-second plan.

NOTE: Special effects man Jonnie Burke received an Emmy nomination for his work in this episode - specifically, the elaborate nuclear bomb/reactor device.

90. The Amnesiac
방영일: 1969.12.28
gs: Julie Gregg(Monique), Anthony Zerbe(Colonel Alex Vorda), Steve Ihnat(Major Paul Johan)

Three men engineered the theft of a sphere of trivanium from the U.S. Johan killed the third man, Silff, and blamed the disapperance on him to their leader, Vorda. Johan now plans to secretly sell the sphere. Paris and guest-IMF agent Monique meet with Silff's ex-girlfriend and Johan and hint that Paris is Silff. Vorda finds out and questions Paris, who claims he had amnesia after an accident two years ago. Vorda calls in Jim as an amnesia specialist, while Monique tells Johan she knows what he did and claims Vorda has men following them. So Johan tells Monique the location of the sphere so she can relay it to Silff/Paris and get him off the hook. Willy and Barney take the sphere and replace it with a fake, while Monique gets the location to Paris via code. Paris reveals the location to Vorda and tells him of Johan's involvement. Vorda has Johan killed then finds the fake and unrealizingly sells it to a country planning on backing him in a coup. - when they find out about the fake, they will not be happy...

NOTE: This episode was nominated for an Emmy for cinematographer Al Francis.

91. The Falcon (1)
방영일: 1970.1.4
gs: Lee Meriwether(Tracey), Noel Harrison(Nicolai), John Vernon(General Ramon Sabattini)

General Sabattini has faked the death of Prince Stephan and plans to force Stephan's fiancee, Francesca, to marry him and let him ascend the throne over the simpleton Prince Nicolai. Once he has married Francesca, Sabattini plans to kill all three - the IMF must htwart him. Paris, Tracey, and Willy infiltrate the palace as a magic act, sneaking in with a hidden guest-agent Sebastien and Barney. Paris replaces Nicolai while Sebastien takes Paris' place while Barney sneaks into the royal vault to replace the royal jewels but is blinded by a concussion.

NOTE: Noel Harrison had previously played a leading role in Mission: Impossible's one-time competitor, The Girl From U.N.C.L.E..
The series' only three-part episode.
This episode was nominated for an Emmy for set decoration, although the sets were recycled from the movie "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever."

92. The Falcon (2)
방영일: 1970.1.11

Barney manages to make his way to the vault despite his blindness and replace the real jewels with fakes. Paris-as-Nicolai slips Francesca a gun and she fake-shoots herself at the altar. Sabattini orders her entombed where Barney is on hand (barely) to rescue her and get back to the magic act where they get out of the castle, leaving Paris-as-Nicolai in place and Barney still within the walls. Meanwhile, Jim, pretending to be a fence, alerts Sabattini to the fact the jewels are replaced with fakes, and only Stephan knows where they are. However, Sabattini's plan to kill Nicolai catches Paris in the explosion.

93. The Falcon (3)
방영일: 1970.1.18

Paris (barely) survives the explosion but his cover (and his mask) is blown. Meanwhile, Sabattini has taken Jim to the imprisoned Stephan. A hidden Barney has placed a hidden projector screen in Stephan's cell while Jim has a projector in his briefcase. They project footage of Jim interrogating Stephan while everyone makes their escape and the royal family are reunited out of the country.

94. Submarine
방영일: 1970.1.16
gs: Lee Meriwether(Tracey), Stephen McNally(Kruger Schtelman), Ramon Bieri(Colonel Jaroslav Sardner)

The East European Republic want the location of a horde of Nazi gold from their prisoner Kruger Schtelman, who is due to be released in three days. Despite the efforts of interrogator Colonel Sardner, they haven't acquired the information. The IMF drugs and grabs Schtelman in the middle of a police escort, and puts him in a fake SS boat at a warehouse. Schtelman is to be taken to SS HQ in Scandinavia and killed as a traitor. The IMF fake a enemy destroyer attack and as Jim (the sub's captain) and Schtelman prepare to leave for the surface, Schtelman insists on giving Jim the account numbers to prove he never cracked.

95. Chico
방영일: 1970.1.25
gs: Fernando Lamas(Ramon Prado), Gregory Sierra(Butler), Percy Rodriguez(Arturo Sandoval)

Ramon Prado, a narcotics dealer, has stolen half of a microfilm containing a list of undercover agents. His rival, Arturo Sandoval, has the other half. The two men are trying to work out a truce to combine their two halves and sell the list. Prado, a stamp collector, has hid his half on a microdot on one of his framed pieces. Paris offers a rare piece and Prado refuses to give up the framed piece in trade. Paris puts a high-frequency oscillator on the framed piece and then Barney, Willy, and a trained dog named Chico break in and use the dog to sneak out the stamp and put in a fake with their own microdot. Jim as a Syndicate member warns Sandoval the Mob thinks Prado is working with the authorities while Paris makes Prado think he has the other half and Sandoval is lying. When the two men meet Prado's (fake) microdot doesn't match, while Paris' names Sandoval as one of the agents. Prado has Sanodval shot as the police arrive.

96. Gitano (aka Toys)
방영일: 1970.2.1
gs: Robert Carricart(Erdos), Peter Mark Richman(General Stefano Aragas), Rudy Solari(Colonel Moya), Barry Atwater(Grand Duke Clement)

General Aragas of Sardia plans to kill the young King Victor, frame his uncle, Grand Duke Clement, and assume the throne and take his country into war, disrupting the entire region. Clement has kidnapped his nephew to protect him from Aragas, but Victor mistakenly idolizes Aragas and blames Clement. Clement has his limo driver Moya (secretly working for Aragas) return Victor and the IMF intercept the car and fake a crash. Moya is led to believe he and Victor were the only survivors, and Victor wandered off. Pretending to be gypsies, Paris, Willy, and guest agent Zorka take the boy in then try and sell him back to Aragas. Aragas plans to kill them all at a warehouse when they make the deal, but the IMF show Victor what Aragas is really up to, foiling the general's scheme.

97. Phantoms
방영일: 1970.2.8
gs: Gregory Sierra(Gomal), Luther Adler(Leo Vorka), Antoinette Bower(Nora Bennett)

The aging dictator Vorka plans to instigate an artistic purge with the help of his lieutenant Kull, and the IMF must assure he steps down and a less tyrannical deputy minister takes over. The IMF team plant projectors in Vorka's office and in his glasses during a fake BBC interview, then sics the "ghost" of a woman from his past on him and convince him the primary artist he is targeting, Zara, is actually his son. Meanwhile, Willy rescues the real Zara and then they send Paris-as-Zara in to confront Vorka. Paris fakes a heart attack and then his "ghost" confronts Vorka as well. The deputy minister arrives to find Vorka shouting hysterically at nothing, and has him deposed.

98. Terror
방영일: 1970.2.15
gs: David Opatoshu(Ahmed Vassier)

The propaganda minister of Suroq, Vassier, is preparing to pardon Ismet El Kabir, a ruthless terrorist, whom he secretly supports. The IMF must make sure El Kabir is never released. Barney and Willey steal government dynamite and sell it to Kabir's girlfriend Atheda. Meanwhile Paris and Jim question Kabir about the truck and plant a bug in the cell, and then suggest Vassier plans to escape and humiliate him. Vassier tells Kabir not to escape, unaware that the prison commandante is listening in. Paris-as-Vassier tells Atheda that the government plans to double-cross and kill Kabir and she and Barney convert the dynamite to nitro and going in through a secret tunnel. Meanwhile Jim gains Kabir's confidence by pretending to be Vassier's man and tells him that Paris is planning to kill Kabir for the government and a rescue is underway. Kabir escapes with Arleda's help but Jim reveals where they will emerge and Kabir is shot down when he tries to threaten the militia with a bottle of nitro...which has been replaced by Barney with a fake.

99. Lover's Knot
방영일: 1970.2.22
gs: Jane Merrow(Lady Cora Weston), John Williams(II) (Lord Richard Weston), Don Knight(Tim Rorke)

The IMF must uncover "K", head of European espionage working against the U.S., using Lady Cora Weston, an enemy agent and the wife of an elderly British lord. Jim and Paris pretend to have access to a new unscrambling device and Cora goes after Jim despite an attraction to Paris. Jim fakes a gambling addiction and is forced to give the device to Cora, then the team fakes a communication establishing Paris as the head of U.S. espionage who is about to be arrested. Cora approaches him, they fake Jim's death, and Paris and Cora go to "K" but he is exposed by an accident and must save Cora, whom he has become attracted to.

NOTE: No opening tape sequence.
Willy doesn't appear in this episode.

100. Orpheus
방영일: 1970.3.1
gs: Jessica Walter(Valerie), Albert Paulsen(Eric Bergman), Bruce Glover(Major Deiter)

The IMF must stop the faceless killer Stravos in two days' time - only his superior, Bergman, can contact him but even Bergman doesn't know who he really is. Jim plays a U.S. agent and heroin addict who kills another agent (Willy) and is forced to defect. IMF guest-agent Valerie and Bergman force Jim into withdrawal to reveal that the U.S. has a double agent, "Orpheus," whom the IMF lead Bergman to believe is Stravos. Bergman sets up a meet with Stravos to kill him but Paris takes Bergman's place and gets Stravos to reveal where his victim is.

101. The Crane
방영일: 1970.3.8
gs: Felice Orlandi(Colonel Alex Strabo), Carl Betz(General Yuri Kozani)

Constantine, the guerilla head of the People's Liberation Army of Logosia, has been captured by the corrupt government and the IMF must free him and help him smash the military gunta. Jim, posing as a guerilla, tries to kill the two main leaders, Kozani and Strabo, claiming he had a deal with them concerning Constantine. The IMF break out Constantine and hide him in a crane basket while Strabo launches a futile search. Paris-as-Strabo lures Kozani's aid into a trap to make it look to Kozani like Strabo and Constantine are working together. The team grab Strabo, knock him out and disguise him as Constantine, and turn him over to Kozani while provoking Kozani into betraying Strabo. Strabo witnesses this and shoots Kozani. Constantine takes over and takes care of Strabo.

102. Death Squad
방영일: 1970.3.15
gs: Pernell Roberts(Chief Manuel Corba), Cicely Tyson(Alma Ross), Leon Askin(Riva), John Schuck(Lieutenant Jocaro)

On vacation with Jim, Barney meets Alma, a beautiful artist, and Luis Corba, a jealous suitor, attacks Alma and accidentally kills himself. Luis' brother, the chief of police, arrests Barney and prepares to have him executed. Jim calls in the others who set it up so that Barney looks responsible for a recent jewel theft and hid the gem. They follow the chief's aid to the warehouse where Corba secretly executes his prisoner and set up a fake execution for Barney. They then get evidence of Corba's brutality to the governor and Barney takes Alma to the states.

NOTE: No opening briefing/tape sequence - this is a personal mission for the team as they rescue Barney.

103. The Choice
방영일: 1970.3.22
gs: Nan Martin(Grandduchess Teresa), Arthur Franz(First Minister Andre Picard)

Emile Vautrain, a mystic and charlatan, has gained sway over the Grandduchess of Trent and plans to take control of the country. Jim and Pris fake a magic act to convince Vautrain they are working with First Minister Picard (loyal to the Grandduchess) and were planning to take Vautrain out and have Paris-as-Vautrain take his place. Vautrain supposedly forces them to change their act and establish his invulnerability - Barney knocks him out and imprisons him, and Paris takes his place. The IMF let Vautrain escapes with a blank-loaded gun - he shoots Paris-as-Vautrain in front of the Grandduchess - with "proof" that he is the real, mystically-invulnerable Vautrain, Paris has the real Vautrain shot and then "confesses" he is a fake (a fake mystic, not a fake Vautrain) to the Grandduchess before leaving with the rest of the team.

NOTE: Barry Crane was brought in to finish directing work when Allan Greedy fell behind schedule.

104. The Martyr
방영일: 1970.3.29
gs: Anna Lee(Maria Malik), John Larch(Premier Anton Rojek), Scott Marlowe(Joseph Czerny), Ken Swofford(Vaclav)

Premier Rojek and his advisor Czerny put together a special congress of their Youth Organization to endorse them and deter youth who follow the memory of the deceased President Malik, a freedom fighter. Jim gets caught smuglling Paris out and admits under interrogation that Paris is Malik's child Peter and that the U.S. fears he'll find out who he is and support Rojek. Paris agrees to denounce his father but Rojek fears a double-cross and frees Malik's widow to denounce Paris-as-Peter. Except Paris speaks as promised - when he supports Rojek, Madame Malik does indeed say he's not her son, discrediting Rojek.

Season 5
105. The Killer
방영일: 1970.9.19
gs: Robert Conrad(Eddie Lorca)

Hired killer Eddie Lorca does everything randomly, making him impossible to anticipate. The IMF must find out who his boss, Scorpio, is and all they know is Lorca is arriving in town for an assignment - they don't know who he's going up against. The team creates a "blank" hotel and Paris as a cabdriver intercepts Lorca at the airport. Paris and Willy have to stall when it takes more time to set up the hotel then it takes according to the phone book to get to "their" hotel. They then put the room number Lorca randomly chooses on the bugged room they have set up. They intercept Lorca's call to his contact, and Paris-as-Lorca meets her instead to find out the target. Dana then delivers the contract to Lorca using the information Paris obtained. The target is a black union leader, and Barney must take the man's place. Lorca eludes surveillance and almost kills Barney with a planted explosive, but Jim figures things out just in time. The team then fake Dana's death, and she gives a dying-breath confession to Lorca implicating Scorpio. Lorca goes to confront his boss and in the subsequent shootout is apparently killed.

NOTE: Later remade as the season premiere for the '88 series.
Despite the fact that Lorca is seemingly killed, there were plans to bring him back if the series had gone to an eighth season.
First on-screen appearance of Leslie Ann Warren as Dana Lambert, although she is kinda-sorta introduced later in Flip Side (which was filmed earlier but aired later).
Doug does not appear in this episode.

106. Flip Side
방영일: 1970.9.26
gs: Sal Mineo(Mel Bracken), Dana Elcar(C.W. Cameron), Robert Alda(Diego Maximillian)

The IMF must break up a drug-smuggling ring - Bracken gets his drugs from Mexico compliments of Diego Maximillian, who gets his drugs legally from C.W. Cameron. The IMF must connect Cameron to Bracken. Jim plays a Syndicate man who orders the pills from Bracken, and Barney tracks the shipment and switches out the drugs. The team has Maximillian picked up in Mexico so that Bracken has to go directly to Cameron to buy the drugs - the IMF get everything on camera and turn them both over to the authorities.

NOTE: Was originally to feature a brief scene introducing Dana that would establish she had lost someone to drugs, but was cut when the producers weren't sure the episode would air first (it didn't).

107. The Innocent
방영일: 1970.10.3
gs: Christopher Connelly(Dr. Jerome Carlin), Robert Ellenstein(Dr. M. Vazan), Larry Linville(Colonel Leo Orlov)

In the Middle East Willy and Barney infiltrate a chemical plant to gain access to Dehominant-B, a quick-acting lethal gas. Barney is exposed to Dehominant-A while trying to get to the computer and crippled - Willy escapes and Barney is captured. Barney is interrogated and only has four hours to live. The team find out that Dr. Jerry Carlin, a dropout, is the only other person with the skills to access the computer. When Carlin rejects the team's appeal for help, Jim and Paris frame Carlin's girlfriend and threaten to keep her in jail unless he helps them. Dana provides a distract and Paris takes the head scientist Vazan's place and have Barney first fake a confession implicating the technicians and then his own death - they get Barney to the autopsy room where Doug revives him in the nick of time. Jim and Carlin take the incriminated technicians' place and Carlin manages to ruin the Dehominant and erase the computer, then everyone escapes with Vazan.

NOTE: No opening tape briefing.

108. Homecoming
방영일: 1970.10.10
gs: Jacqueline Scott(Cynthia Owens), Joe Maross(Sheriff Brad Owens), Fred Beir(Joe Keith), Loretta Swit(Midge Larson)

When Jim returns to his hometown of Norville to donate family property to the community, he finds it plagued by a serial killer. Jim secretly brings in Barney to help investigate. A disturbed Vietnam vet is the suspected killer but Jim and Barney figure out he's innocent and get him out of jail one step ahead of a mob, then call in the rest of the IMF team to find the real killer.

NOTE: A purely personal mission - there is no tape briefing at the beginning.
Doug does not appear in this episode.

109. Flight
방영일: 1970.10.17
gs: John Colicos(Chief of Internal Security Manuel Ferrar), Lloyd Battista(Chief of Police Francisco Diaz)

Presidente Rojas plans to give a speech to the U.S. Congress while his Chief of Internal Security Ferrar plans a takeover and sends an assassin known only as Plato (and known only to Ferrar) to kill the Presidente before he gives his speech. The IMF must find out who Plato is and thwart the assassination. Ferrar follows Rojas to the U.S. where the IMF fake a plane crash - when Ferrar wakes up he is on an uncharted island colony inhabited by the prisoners from a missing penal ship. Paris pretends to be a double-agent working for Ferrar that the Chief knows of but never met. Paris reveals his plan to escape and convinces Ferrar that Plato plans a double-cross. When the other "prisoners" come after them, Ferrar is forced to hold them off so Paris can go off to thwart Paris, whose identity Ferrar reveals. Paris gets the information to the team in Washington just in time to stop the assassination.

NOTE: Willy does not appear in this episode.

110. My Friend, My Enemy
방영일: 1970.10.25
gs: Peter Mark Richman(Dr. Paul Tabor), Bruce Glover(Ernst Bandar)

A Communist agent, Karl Maur, spots Paris on vacation, knocks him out and turns him over to Dr. Tabor, who is a brain specialist and mind control expert. Unable to break Paris, Tabor blanks out Paris' memories and uses an implanted electrode to program him to attack Jim by convincing the disguise expert Jim represents an authority figure, similar to the ones he has lost two women to in the past. Doug and Jim find nothing wrong with him, but Barney finds fingerprints pointing to Maur and Jim delays reporting to the Secretary and tries to find out what's going on with Paris. Paris is befriended by a Communist agent working with Tabor - Tabor murders her and makes it set up as if Jim did it. Paris attacks Jim but snaps out of it when Jim's life is threatened and turns against Tabor.

NOTE: No tape briefing.
Willy doesn't appear in this episode.

111. Butterfly (aka Poor Butterfly)
방영일: 1970.10.31
gs: Khigh Dhiegh(Toshio Masaki), Benson Fong(Inspector Akita), Lisa Lu(Mioshi Kellem), James Shigeta(Shiki)

Toshio Masaki, a powerful anti-American industrialist, kills his sister and frames her husband, an American businessman named Harry Kellem, so as to discredit America and discredit the Economic Council. Paris and Willy enter as a Kabuki artist and a fighter (along with Jim) while Barney and Dana sneak into the grounds and restage the murder as they believe it occurred but with no way of knowing how it ended well enough to convince Musaki. To create a distraction, Willy must engage in a fight with Osaki, Moshio's supposedly-unbeatable champion. Once the film is made Dana tries to blackmail Masaki and then Kellem's daughter Nobu. Paris tips the police to Dana's negotiations with Musaki and they show up as Musaki screens the film as Dana escapes (with Willy's help). Musaki panics and rips the film from the projector before it ends at the spot where the team couldn't recreate him performing the murder, thus confessing his guilt.

NOTE: First episode produced to feature Leslie Ann Warren as Dana Lambert, although her first on-air appearance is in "The Killer" and she is kinda-sorta introduced later in Flip Side (which was filmed earlier but aired later).
Peter Lupus gets some significant screen time for one of the few times in the show's run.
Khigh Dheigh is actually Anglo-Egyptian Sudanese, not Japanese.
Doug does not appear in this episode.

112. Decoy
gs: Julie Gregg(Anna Kerkoska), Michael Strong(Police Chief Petrovitch), Paul Stevens(Alexi Kerkoska), Sid Haig(Agent #1)

Anna Kerkoska plans to defect with a list of American agents given to her by her father, the late Premier. Her brother Alexi also plans to defect, but it's actually a plan to grab the list, turn it over to Police Chief Petrovitch, and sell out his sister. Jim and Dana pretend to be a publisher brother-and-sister team and Paris kidnaps Dana to fake-force Jim to kidnap Anna for the Americans. Petrovitch and Alexi let the plan go ahead, while Jim becomes romantically involved with Anna. The bad guys overhear Jim "confess" how he is going to smuggle Anna out of the country, unaware its a ploy to draw them away from the real means of escape via a mini-race car in the back of the hearse - Jim and Anna use it to bypass the mined security gate and exit the country.

NOTE: Doug does not appear in this episode.

113. The Amateur
방영일: 1970.11.14
gs: Anthony Zerbe(Eric Schilling)

The team must steal a rocket laser and smuggle out Father Bernard and his list of Western operatives. Bernard puts the IMF in contact with Wittstock, who gets them the laser. Wittstock is killed after delivering the weapon and Police Colonel Eckert seals up the country to capture the IMF. Bernard dies of a stroke but gets the list, but nightclub owner Eric Schilling saw Dana with Wittstock and tries to take advantage of the situation to profit. When Barney splits the laser into five parts for the team to smuggle out of the country, Schilling gets hold of Dana's part and the team has to get the part from Schilling while escaping through the heavily-guarded airport. Paris in disguise buys the part from Schilling, leaving him to be captured by Eckert while Paris drops the disguise to escape, leaving the part to be recovered by the rest of the team. Then the IMF secretly blend in with an arriving broadcast crew from England just as the crew are told their visas have been revoked - the IMF gets on the plane with them and makes their escape.

NOTE: Willy doesn't appear in this episode.
No tape scene.

114. Hunted
방영일: 1970.11.21
gs: Ta-Tanisha(Maryana "Gabby" Renfrow), Ivor Barry(Chief Inspector Banco), John S. Ragin(Pharmacist), Joe Morton(Clerk)

A mission to rescue a South African dissident goes awry when Doug and his white assistant get the man out of the hospital, but the assistant is shot in the leg. Separated from the rest of the IMF team, the assistant staggers into a shop where a deaf girl discovers the man is Barney in a mask. The rest of the team gets the dissident out of the country and then goes back for Barney. To draw off the police, Paris pretends to be a limping white man, but is injured for real by two men trying to capture him. Meanwhile, the wounded Barney discovers the girl, Maryana, was rendered psychosomatically deaf when her father, one of the dissident's co-workers, was shot by the government. Pretending to be policeman, Doug and Jim manage to track down Barney, and with the girl make a run for a helicopter to escape over the border. Before they can do so, they need to rendezvous with the wounded Paris and rescue him too.

NOTE: Willy does not appear in this episode.

115. The Rebel
방영일: 1970.11.28
gs: Mark Lenard(Colonel Bakram), Bob Purvey(Alex Khora)

The IMF must rescue three scientists in a dictatorial country and destroy their notes. They rescue two but the third one, Khora refuses to leave and is executed. Jim and Dana meet with his son Alex (a rebel leader) to get his notes and Dana is captured by the militia along with Alex's girlfriend, who has memorized the doctor's notes. Barney and Doiug parachute in with a giant hollow religious statue that Jim uses to get close enough to dig into the prison while Paris, pretending to be an Intelligence officer, plays the militia leader, Bakram, against the people. When Bakram discovers that the prisoners have escaped he destroys the statue, further enraging the country's people against him while the team make his escape.

NOTE: No tape briefing.
First episode filmed to have Sam Elliott as Dr. Doug Robert, but not the first one on-air.
Willy does not appear in this episode - this was part of a plan to write out the seemingly unnecessary character and replace him with a more "functional" character (Dr. Robert).

116. Squeeze Play (aka Sicily)
방영일: 1970.12.12
gs: Albert Paulsen(Albert Zembra), Victoria Vetri(Eve Zembra)

Albert Zembra, head of the Mediterranean branch of the Syndicate, is dying of cancer and plans on passing his list of opium farms to his chosen successor. He plans on turning power over to Carlos Empori, engaged to his granddaughter. Paris poses as a mobster and old friend of Eve's and "renews" his friendship with her, while Phelps, as Zembra's rival, warns Carlos that Paris plans to take over. Barney stages a fake assassination on Zembra, thwarting Carlos' security and making him look incompetent, then Paris and Paris-as-Zembra stage a conversation to make Carlos believe Zembra will give power to Paris. Carlos helps Jim kidnap Eve, but the plan goes awry when Eve reveals she knows Paris is a fake. Paris puts his life on the line by counting on her silence to complete the plot. Eve stays silent, Carlos is set up as a traitor to Zembra, and the dying mobster turns the information over to Paris.

NOTE: Doug doesn't appear in this episode.
Luther Adler was originally supposed to play the role of Albert Zembra - Adler fell ill just prior to filming.

117. The Hostage
방영일: 1970.12.19
gs: Lou Antonio(Robert Siomney)

After completing a mission Paris is undercover as an American businessman and still in disguise when he is kidnapped by Latin American revolutionaries led by terrorist Robert Siomney - they ask for the release of three prisoners in return for Paris' life. Paris fakes a disease forcing the government to drop medication, which the IMF has planted a tracking device in. Once they know where the revolutionaries' compound is, Jim fakes the exceution of two of the prisoners, putting pressure on the revolutionary leader Jorge Cabal since his son Luis is the third prisoner. Dana poses as Luis' girlfriend to get close to Jorge so Siomney orders her covert death to keep Jorge on track - Barney takes the killer's place and rescues Dana. Then Jim fakes Luis' death as well - Barney fake-kills Paris and then they reveal that Luis got a last-minute reprieve. With nothing else to bargain with, Jorge turns over Siomney, Barney in disguise, and the "dead" Paris in return for the government commuting his son's sentence to life imprisonment.

NOTE: Willy doesn't appear in this episode.
No tape briefing.

118. Takeover
방영일: 1971.1.2
gs: Richard Kelton(Billy Walsh), Lloyd Bochner(Steve Tallman), Ken Swofford(Charles Peck)

Phelps must stop Charles Peck from using violence, created by professional provocateur Billy Walsh, to elevate his puppet, Mayor Steven Tallman to the governorship. Dana is a provocateur herself, arrested by Barney the current governor's representative. Walsh gets Dana out, and Paris is a blackmailer who convinces Tallman that Dana is his previously-unknown illegitimate daughter. Peck is concerned that Tallman (actually Paris in disguise) will confess their plans to save his "daughter", and orders Walsh to kill Barney and Dana. Barney stops Walsh on TV before he can blow up a crowd of demonstrators and police during a protest, and Paris-as-Tallman confesses to Peck's involvement.

NOTE: Willy does not appear in this episode.

119. Cat's Paw
방영일: 1971.1.9
gs: Hari Rhodes(George Corley), Abbey Lincoln(Millie Webster)

Larry Collier, newspaper editor and Barney's brother, is killed while trying to establish a link between corrupt police chief Abbott and Corley, the head of a ghetto mob who masks his illegal activities with an insurance front company. Barney, set up with a past as a crooked accountant, gets close to Corley by rescuing is secretary Millie - Corley hires him on when he finds out about his "past." Barney plants money to make it look like Corley's assistant Goslin is working against him, while the IMF use a phony seance to convince Goslin to quit with some incriminating evidence. Jim arrests Goslin with the evidence, a codebook, and uses it to force Abbott to back him as a mob boss then bribes Corley's guard to try and kill the mob leader. Barney rescues him and Corley runs into Jim, who threatens to take him to Abbott - knowing Abbott will have him killed, Corley turns state's evidence.

NOTE: No opening tape briefing - the IMF take this mission on as a personal one.
Doug does not appear in this episode.

120. The Missile (aka Torpedo)
방영일: 1971.1.16
gs: David Sheiner(James Reed), John Beck(John Hecker)

James Read, an enemy agent, is posing as an analyst to get to a top-secret U.S. missile guidance system being tested and steal the plans - the IMF must have him take back fake plans and unwittingly pass on the incorrect information to his superiors. Dana takes the place of Read's contact and he and fake boss Jim fake a romantic relationship so Read can get blackmail photos and use them to turn over the system. Read tells Dana of his plan to kill Jim, but before she can warn Jim, Dana is kidnapped by Hecker, a psychopath who believes Dana is a former girlfriend he killed. After Willy saves Barney from a firetrap meant for Jim, Paris and Barney manage to rescue Dana and alert Jim just in time to avoid a rigged car, convincing Read he's in the clear with the guidance system.

NOTE: Doug does not appear in this episode.

121. The Field
방영일: 1971.1.23
gs: Michael Baseleon(Detective Lieutenant Rab), Denny Miller(Arthur Norris), Milton Selzer(Inspector Koder), Barry Atwater(General Marin)

An enemy power has launched a satellite containing a thermonuclear bomb and the IMF must destroy it. The control center on an island in the Adriatic Sea is surrounded by an impenetrable minefield designed by an American defector, Norris. Barney secretly sets off some of the mines - without an explanation, the facility security call in Norris, whom they haven't seen. Paris takes Norris' place and using plans that Jim stole earlier, shuts down part of the field, and Barney gets in to program the system to drop the satellite out of orbit. Unfortunately, on the mainland the real Norris kills his girlfriend, a government spy, and Paris-as-Norris is arrested for the murder! This also leaves Barney trapped in the middle of the minefield. Jim and Doug manage to extract a confession and the location of the murder weapon from Norris before Inspector Koder (who knows the real Norris) can spot Paris. Dana comes in and manages to covertly slip Paris the information they've set up to make it look like Dana is the murderer. Doug (a fake cop) takes Dana away and Paris returns to deactivate the minefield and let Barney escape.

NOTE: Willy does not appear in this episode.
In production order, the last episode to use the "disavow any knowledge" part of the tape briefing and one of the last few episodes set outside of the United States.
Wesley Lau came up with the story and teleplay for this episode - a veteran 60's actor (best known as the recurring character Master Sgt. Jiggs on The Time Tunnel), this was his only real writing gig. A pity, since this is one of the better episodes.

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