ITW의 온라인 스릴러 학교의 커리큘럼

by decca posted Jan 30, 2018


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ITW에서 온라인으로 진행하는 thriller school의 커리큘럼인데요.

소설 쓰기의 기본이라고 할 수 있는 점이 많네요.

참고하시라고 올립니다.

#1 Storytelling: The Art and Craft of Story 
#2 Plot: What’s Happening Here? 
#3 Character: The People Who Drive the Story 
#4 Point Of View: Whose Eyes Are You Looking Through? 
#5 Dialogue: It’s Not Like Real Conversation 
#6 Setting, Mood, Atmosphere: Bringing the Right “Feel” to Your Story? 
#7 Voice: What Does a Good Story “Sound” Like?